Presentation at TASO Center at 12:00pm

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Mrs. Emily Sechen, a mother of three wonderful kids, will present an introduction to what the Qu’ran and Hadith say about orphan care, introductory information about selected jurisprudence regarding orphan care, relevant social science, local and international law and recommendations that arise out of that.

She’ll touch on various approaches to the problem–orphanages, children’s villages, foster care, legal guardianship, adoption and kafala. Arising out of this discussion, she will address the dominant approach in the US and the fact that children from Muslim backgrounds in this country do need care, not just the general population and that the Muslim community needs to develop an organized approach to meeting these needs.

Mrs. Sechen will also present recent, local examples to support this (as well as wider national and international examples).

We would encourage everyone to attend in our communitues, not just women since Mrs. Sechen is a proponent of everyone getting the same information at the same time in the same venue, particularly regarding issues that affect everyone. She believes this helps people engage with an issue on equal ground rather than mediated through someone else’s filters.

See you all at TASO Center at 12:00pm!

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