Mission & Vision


Our mission is to foster fellowship and promote the understanding of diverse cultures.

Our vision – to create a positive social environment in which to build and strengthen the quality of life in Ohio cities – is at the heart of all our programs. The ultimate goal of the educational and social activities held at TASO offices around the State is to build stronger and safer communities through communication and interaction. Fostering diversity, inclusion, and respect for all the community is one of the goals of TASO.

The association works to strengthen intercultural community and ensure a positive experience for those who are willing to participate in cross cultural activities. TASO also seeks to enrich the experience of the entire community by providing opportunities to engage and educate the community related to diversity.

Working together with a variety of people from different backgrounds, we facilitate and encourage ongoing dialogue on issues of diversity.

TASO (previously known as SEF) has been serving our community on Route 161 northwest Columbus since July 2007. TASO is currently serving the community with a limited capacity. However, we are proud to announce that we have purchased our first location at Route 161 and plan to renovate to serve the community in a very close future with widely extended services. Therefore, your donations and support is of great importance and greatly appreciated.

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