Un-Muted; The Silent Voices of Social Genocide



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The Social Genocide Exhibition is a deeply moving showcase that brings to light the stories of marginalized and persecuted individuals in Turkey. It features personal belongings, artworks created by unjustly imprisoned people, and various artifacts symbolizing resilience and hope. This exhibition, which has toured various locations in the United States, offers a vivid glimpse into the lives and struggles of Kurds, Alevis, Hizmet Movement volunteers, women, children, journalists, politicians, and activists. Each item in the exhibit – from olive seed bracelets to poignant calligraphies – tells a story of pain, resistance, and the human spirit. This exhibition not only honors the memories of those who have suffered but also stands as a testament to the universal values of kindness and humanity, transcending religion, race, and ideology. Join us to hear these untold stories and be part of a journey towards understanding and empathy.

Date: January 20th

Location: The Ohio State University’s Fawcett Center
2400 Olentangy River Rd., Columbus, OH 43210


1 PM – 3 PM | Presentations by Dr. Ori Z. Soltes and Aslihan Kas at the Fawcett Center’s Conference Theater. Engaging discussions on the socio-political dynamics of Turkey and the human stories behind it.

3 PM – 5 PM | Social Genocide Exhibition at the Fawcett Center’s Main Lobby. An immersive display of personal artifacts and artwork, illustrating the lived experiences of those impacted in Türkiye.

Parking: Parking provided by the facility will be free for the duration of the event (1pm – 5pm).

Included: complimentary beverages


Event Schedule

1 PM Reception Opens

1:30 PM: Reception Opens

1:40 PM: Presentation by Dr. Ori Z. Soltes

2:25 PM: Q&A Session with Dr. Ori Z. Soltes

2:40 PM: Presentation by Aslihan Kas

3 PM: Social Genocide Exhibition opens at the Fawcett Center’s Main Lobby

5 PM: Event Concludes